This project, financed and support by the European Union and Erasmus+, is an opportunity to create art all day long every day. Through the art forms of Music, Dance, Circus and Scenography, we provide an environment where the participants, together with our professional teachers, will be guided into the cultural diversity and the creation of pieces of art.




1-15 August 2017




Schloss Bröllin, Fahrenwalde




Participants will be 10 from each of our partner countries (—–creare il link—–): Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden, for a total of 40 participants. They will be between 18 and 30 years old.




The project has four main activities: Scenography, dance, circus, and music; they will take place through morning workshops and afternoon ensembles.

The first day every participant will choose his/her own workshop and every group will work every day to develop a final performance, which will take place at the end of the two weeks.

In the dance and circus acrobatics activities, participants will develop a feeling for themselves and their bodies as well as their ability to work as a group. As a result they will learn choreographies, sequences and body health lifestyle.

In the same way, with the Music workshop participants will learn several techniques, playing all together to create nice grooves and songs.

In the Scenography activity, participants will design and build the scenography for the final performance with materials and techniques that they will develop during the workshops.

Even though each workshop is working on his own, there will be always a continuous exchange with the other workshops and the final performance will be a cooperation of every workshop in order to create a big one final show.




Workshops and ensembles will take place from 10 till 13 in the mornings and from 15 till 18 in the afternoon.

Breakfast: 8.30-10

Lunch: 13-15

Dinner: 18.30-20

On Sunday the 6th it will be free day.

After dinner it will be possible to still build some open spaces for the participants, who can join jam sessions, or fireplace talkings, try out new things, or offer themselves workshops to share new abilities with the whole group.